DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION is a firm specialised in the design, manufacturing, development and marketing of dedicated agricultural equipment.
We provide solutions for handling, transfer, dosing, force-feeding, mixing, distribution and other applications in the poultry, agricultural, agri-food and industrial fields.

We also have a Product Support Department and maintenance contracts for the equipment sold.

After 30 years of innovation and experience, DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION is a brand well known nationally and recognised internationally.
We have also been rewarded by many prizes (Sommets d'Or, SIMA Palms, Innov'Space, FOIE GRAS EXPO Innovation Prize, etc.).

We have a commercial range of products that includes force feeders, straw spreaders, washing robots, etc.

Our customer base is mainly made up of breeders-force feeders and agri-food co-operatives.

The DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION network is a South-West France player that:

Offers its customers comprehensive, global solutions thanks to its mastery of the entire chain of development of its products from design through to production, product support and maintenance.

Intervenes close in alongside users of its products so as to develop ever more efficient solutions, detect new needs and keep its knowledge of the market up to scratch.

Responds, as it has right from when it was first created, to technological challenges thanks to its experience in innovation and its capabilities in engineering operational solutions.

Is a reference in terms of product support and quality maintenance thanks to a well trained team and responsiveness in its interventions. We are truly in phase with the exacting constraints imposed by the foie gras market.