DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION can count more than 30 years of experience. To optimise customer hands-on takeover of its equipment, the firm ensures installation and user training, insisting especially on safety and quality standards.
We provide associated services so we can intervene as a real partner for our customers acting promptly to:

• secure the force feeding cycle
• ensure contractual quality of livers
• respect breeders-force feeders delivery lead-times

99.9% of users have any repairs conducted within 4 hours under the maintenance contract.
Since 2009, DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION has operated a Product Support contract.

A team of 5 technicans is dedicated to Product Support and available to answer the phone 7/7 (office hours + on-call duty). In addition, our workshop technicians can back up the Product Support team as required or to respond to an urgent situation. The Product Support team answers 3,800 calls every year.

 85% of questions are resolved directly by telephone without the technician having to go out to the customer's premises,

 15% of problems require intervention by the duty technician.

The standby technican has a van fitted out as a workshop to travel out to customers' premises.

The Product Support contract allows for attractive pricing on parts.
The scheduled and preventive maintenance we offer our customers allows the service lifetime of our force feeders to be increased and force feeding capacities to be retained, preserving the initial reliability and accuracy of the equipment.

DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION recommends servicing of its force feeder equipment every 500,000 injections. Two types of servicing are offered, either on site or in the workshop. This work is performed by specialised and regularly trained technicians.

The operation, including repair and replacement of parts, is validated by a “running-in” test machine according to a procedure formalised by DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION.
The store is manned by a Storekeeper and a Procurements Manager.

Delivery lead-times vary from 24 hours to 48 hours according to the parts and suppliers. A stock of reserves, managed using the Kanban method, is dedicated to the most specific parts or those with longer procurement lead-times.
Demand the serious and committed approach of DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION,
backed up by more than 30 years of experience in serving you!
DUSSAU DISTRIBUTION is a true partner - not just a manufacturer!